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Welcome to Rust for Haiku

I have worked on a port of Rust to the Haiku operating system. Rust is a fast and safe programming language. And Haiku is an open source operating system that targets desktop computers.

Current version: 1.0.0-beta

The current version of Rust for Haiku is labeled 'Rust 1.0.0-beta'. It is based of a snapshot of the Rust repository on Github.

Available is:

The easiest way to get started is by downloading the Haiku package file, and placing it in your /boot/system/packages folder. It will not work if you put the package in your home directory. Rust expects certain libraries to be in certain places.

In order to use Rust, you need to use Haiku's standard GCC2 hybrid configuration (x86_gcc2). A 'pure' gcc 4 system has not been tested, and packages are not (yet) available.

Major todos

There are some big things still to do:

  • Port cargo to Haiku. Cargo is the Rust package manager. The challenges are that cargo is self-hosting (like Rust), so it requires a stage 0 as well. Also, Haiku is a special directory layout since the introduction of package management, so cargo will need to conform to that.
  • Split the Haiku binary packages into a runtime and a devel package.
  • Creating some basic Haiku bindings to (for example) the kernel interface.
  • Eventually upstreaming the changes (starting with the git submodules to simplify that part).

Porting notes

The porting effort has been documented. You can find it at PortingRust.