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libstd/sys/unix/ panic while running cargo 0.22.0

Reported by: nielx Owned by: nielx
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Component: rustc Version: 1.21.0
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Since rust 1.21.0 there, the standard library panics when there are os errors on thread.join.

In cargo such a panic occurs when compiling larger crates.
The error is 'failed to join thread: No such process (os error -2147454963).'

It is unlikely that the underlying cause started since cargo 0.22.0, but rather that it has occured before but it never caused an error because it was hidden as a debug_assert.

Possible causes:

  • The pthread implementation of Haiku does something odd
  • Cargo or one of its dependencies do something odd (like doing something that relies on undefined behavior).
  • Haiku has specific API calls that need to be handled by libstd.

This issue currently blocks building Rust 1.22.0

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